A herd of horses run from their pursuers near Ganado Aug. 19, 2011.  Brian Leddy/Independent
On the run  |  a visual chronicle of the horse roundups 
Navajo Nation tribal Ranger Lorenzo Lapahie uses binoculars to scout for wild horses from the roof of his horse trailer during a roundup in White Rock Aug. 29. Cable Hoover/Independent
One horse tries to jump a fence as volunteers try to corral a herd during a horse roundup in White Rock Aug. 29.Cable Hoover/Independent
Harry J. Yazzie, right, and others work to round up a few remaining horses on land that falls under the grazing jurisdiction of the Ganado chapter on Friday, Aug. 19, 2011.  Many of the horses are wild, but some are owned and have been abandoned by their owners. Brian Leddy/Independent
Cheston Franklin chases down a herd of horses that were grazing illegally in Iyanbito Aug. 15. The chapter collected more than 75 horses that were grazing without a permit.  Brian Leddy/Independent
Cheston Franklin and Maverick Spencer try to corral a horse in Iyanbito Aug. 15.  Brian Leddy/Independent
McKinley County Animal Control officer Byron Murphy subdues a horse along the side of Interstate 40 near Walmart in Gallup Jan. 7. The animal reportedly escaped from its owners while at Ellis Tanner's about an hour earlier. The horse made its way down Highway 602 before being spotted at El Sombrero by a passer-by  The passer-by attempted to catch it, but the animal fled to the interstate before being caught by animal control, New Mexico State Police and a county employee.  Brian Leddy/Independent
Grazing officials attempt to load a horse into a trailer in Iyanbito Aug. 15. The chapter collected more than 75 illegally grazing animals in the roundup. Brian Leddy/Independent
Horses stand in a meadow near Todacheenie Lake in the Chuska Mountains Jan. 13.  Brian Leddy/Independent
A horse darts through traffic on N.M. Highway 264 between Tse Bonito and Window Rock Sept. 19. Adron Gardner/Independent
Aaron Begay chases down a horse in Iyanbito Aug. 15. Brian Leddy/Independent
A young horse was one of many that ended up at the Gallup-McKinley County Humane Society after being rounded up on the Navajo Nation in Gallup Sept. 9. Brian Leddy/Independent
Samuel King sits on his porch Aug. 18 in Iyanbito and rubs his head where it was injured when he fell trying to corral his horses before a roundup in Iyanbito the previous week.  Cable Hoover/Independent
Boe, left, and Natalia Reeder ride while followed by Rock Springs residents in a  protest of the horse roundups  to Yatahey from Rock Springs Sept. 19. Tsayatoh chapter has voted against the roundups. Adron Gardner/Independent